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Best iPhone Launchers with iOS Experience for Android Users

Android has been the best when it comes to customization of themes, fonts and other options, which enables Android users to use any apps of their choice to access other features from another OS. It's no joke that most people love to use an iOS device but due to the price tag, many people couldn't afford an iPhone instead they stick to Android devices. I don't know if it's because of the IOS custom design, widgets design that makes you like iPhone that much, but what I know is that in this article, we are going to list down the  best iPhone launchers with iOS experience for Android users  that will help you customize your Android OS to the exact iOS widgets with the help of Launchers. Many users think Android user interface looks dull and some even use launchers and some other apps from Google Play Store to customize their device interface but in all still dull, and this makes some people so desperate to get an iPhone with a great interface. Believe me, but

Top 5 Volume Booster Best Apps For Android Device

If you have been facing some challenges about your Android smartphone volume and maybe because of   low volume output , then you think the best option is to change the device, then I guess is time for you to rethink because all you need to solve this issue without buying another smartphone is a volume booster app that will increase the volume of your smartphone to your best taste with ease and we will share with you the top 5 volume booster best apps for Android device that you can make use of right now. Are you thinking about why you need to use volume booster? Well, it's of no doubt that everyone loves to play music, watch movies and all sort of things that has to do with the volume on your Android smartphone and some device are not loud enough to give you the best sound that you needed and even if you use the volume button on the site of the phone, it will only loud to the max setting on the OS but with the help of volume booster you can increase your smartphone volume