Best iPhone Launchers with iOS Experience for Android Users

Android has been the best when it comes to customization of themes, fonts and other options, which enables Android users to use any apps of their choice to access other features from another OS. It's no joke that most people love to use an iOS device but due to the price tag, many people couldn't afford an iPhone instead they stick to Android devices. I don't know if it's because of the IOS custom design, widgets design that makes you like iPhone that much, but what I know is that in this article, we are going to list down the best iPhone launchers with iOS experience for Android users that will help you customize your Android OS to the exact iOS widgets with the help of Launchers.

Many users think Android user interface looks dull and some even use launchers and some other apps from Google Play Store to customize their device interface but in all still dull, and this makes some people so desperate to get an iPhone with a great interface. Believe me, but Android and iOS device are wonderful but the rating of users who love iOS interface than Android seems pretty much. Not to worry, even if you didn't have an iPhone you will still enjoy iOS user interface on your Android device with the help of this fantastic launchers.

I don't want to waste much of time, and that's why I have a few lists of the best iPhone launchers with iOS experience for Android users which you can pick your choice from. Trust all these apps works very fine.

The Best iPhone Launchers with iOS Experience for Android Users

Quickly let’s explore the list of these best apps and pick your choice:

#1 X Launcher

If you want to experience a fast loading iPhone user interface on your Android device, then this lightweight launcher app with latest iOS 11 design for your Android smartphone is what you need. You will experience the exact options on iOS devices, with this X Launcher like the Control center by simply swiping up. Not only that, but X Launcher also provides lots of unique themes, wallpaper and icon sets. With this app, you don't need to get multiple apps before you could get experience the iOS user experience and you don't need any jail bricking or rooting access because X launcher makes it all simple.

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#2 iLauncher

Android great launched with a fast and efficient option to experience iOS user interface on your Android device easily is iLauncher. This launcher app offers users a customization and personalization option to make your Android looks exactly like iPhone including the control center, iOS icons and so on. If the first launcher doesn't suit your taste, then this will.

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#4 XOS Launcher

The launcher app provides you with cool fantastic themes, folder icons, daily pictures, phone booster, and many other cool options and they also make it for you to customize each and every corner of the app to make it look more awesome and at the end, you will get a better iOS experience on your Android smartphone.

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#4 Phone X Launcher

Phone X Launcher is another incredible best and top-rated iOS launcher app for android user to enjoy iOS user interface with no had issue and one of the wonderful things this app does it's that it mimics Apple’s flagship phone – iPhone X on any Android device and makes your device looks exactly the same with iPhone no doubt and you also the Control Center, Notification Style, Spotlight search, and so on. In case you have checked on the first, second, third and you didn't like them I am sure you will like this one.

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I know there are many other powerful and fantastic apps to customize your Android device to a better iOS user interface, but trust me, I have tested and trusted these best iPhone launchers with iOS experience for Android users and I can assure that they are wonderful and easy to use, but in case you have some other ones you think we should have to try, and we didn't know about it, please the comment box is yours kindly share with us.
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