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How To Delete Or Block Friends On Snapchat On Your Android Or Iphone

You can delete friends on Snapchat if you no longer want to follow them.

If you block someone on Snapchat, they will also remove you as a friend, and they will not be able to see your profile or contact you.

If you are on Snapchat, it is probably not alien to the geographical tags, filters and other unique features that the social network allows.

The platform is popular for its ability to send photos and videos that expire after being seen, allowing privacy and encouraging users to live in the moment.

But what happens if you follow or exchange messages with someone in the application and decide that you want to remove them from your contact list?

Fortunately, it is easy to delete friends on Snapchat and even block them if such a thing becomes necessary. It only takes a few minutes and can be done in a few simple steps on your iPhone or Android.

How to delete friends on Snapchat 1. Touch the Snapchat icon on the home screen of your iPhone or Android to open the application.
2. Swipe l…

Do You Know That China Could Throw Its Weight Behind Bitcoin

Talking about Bitcoin and other crypto currencies, they have had a tumultuous relationship with China in recent years, with crypto-trading volumes that are notoriously difficult to measure since the country banned bitcoin exchanges in 2017.

The bitcoin price has so far risen sharply this year after a disastrous 2018, added around 200% since January and has withdrawn from a bitter bear market that had weighed heavily on the bitcoin and cryptocurrency industry. The world's fourth largest asset-based bank, has posted a pro-bitcoin infographic on its website, explaining the history of bitcoin and how cryptocurrencies work - shortly after bitcoin legally recognized by a Chinese court, finding the cryptocurrency as digital ownership.

China could change its position in relation to bitcoin and cryptocurrencies after falling back on crypto exchanges in 2017.

The bitcoin and crypto community has welcomed what appears to be slowly shifting bitcoin in China, which according to recent studies…

Activate And use Payments On WhatsApp And Everything You Need To Know About WhatsApp Pay

With WhatsApp Pay service, users can link their UPI-compatible bank accounts to transfer money via the app.

Although WhatsApp Pay has been launched for a while, the social messaging giant still has to officially roll out the service for all of its users.

Mark Zukerberg, CEO of Facebook, announced that the company is working to launch the service across the border in India, while WhatsApp's global head Will Cathart revealed that it will be officially launched later this year.

For you to be able to use Payments, you must use a phone number with the country code for India and have a bank account with a bank that supports UPI. The telephone number that you use for our services must be the same telephone number that is linked to your bank account used for payments.
General terms and conditions WhatsApp Payments If you meet the necessary conditions and want to use the service, look for the 'Payments' tab in the 'Settings' drop-down list in the application.

And if you ca…

Your Phone Can Soon Receive These Incredible New Google Features

ANDROID will receive a series of new functions when Google is expected to release the latest version of the operating system Q in the coming weeks. Ahead of his full debut, here is the guide to the best Android Q features.

Android Q was recently exhibited at Google's annual I / O Developer Conference in May - the new software shows some dramatic differences with Android 9 Pie.

The American technology giant usually releases its new Android versions for Pixel devices in August, which means it can take a few weeks for fans to get hold of it.

As usual with all numbered Android updates, devices from external manufacturers usually have to wait a little longer before they get the latest and best software.

Talk abouti Android Q is currently in beta and 21 devices currently support the early software.
Majority of the hefty number includes handsets from ASUS, Huawei, OPPO, OnePlus and Xiaomi to name just a few, suggesting that they, and Google, are working hard to ensure that…

Google Brags About Its Growing Aloud Activities. But It's Still Dwarfed By Amazon

Google's parent company, Alphabet, says its cloud service activities are gaining momentum.

The company said on Thursday as part of its second-quarter earnings report that its cloud unit, including its data center operations plus corporate versions of Gmail and Google Docs, has annual sales of more than $ 8 billion. Run rate is a prediction of future financial results based on the most recent income.

The news shows the progress in a company that Google has invested heavily in recent years because it wants to include competitors such as Microsoft Azure and AWS from Amazon.

The latest run rate prediction comes after Google CEO Sundar Pichai refused to disclose financial details about the cloud business in the first quarter. Early last year, Alphabet said its cloud business had annual sales of $ 4 billion.

Last year, in an effort to get its cloud business off to a flying start, Google hired a new leader for the division, Thomas Kurian, former president of Oracle. He invested heavily …

Google Gallery Go Is A Lighter Photo Organization App Designed for Ofline Use

Google has added Gallery Go to the range of lighter apps for cheap phones, an app for photo organization that is intended for offline use and that takes up as little space as possible. Yet it has some of the same options for machine learning and editing tools as its more advanced brother or sister, Google Photos.

Although it is available worldwide, Gallery Go has been launched by Google for Nigeria and is aimed at users in developing countries where access to the internet is limited. The app also weighs only 10 MB to make it easy to download, so it doesn't take up unnecessary storage space on phones with very little to start with. It also supports the use of SD cards, so you can save images wherever you want.

Just like Google Photos, Gallery Go uses AI to organize your photo collection and facilitate the search for what you need. Other borrowed features include automatic enhancement to brighten up your photos, as well as simpler tools such as cropping, rotating, and filters.


Do You Know About Huawei and Micromax ink Partnership for Offline Sales in India

Huawei and Micromax have announced a new and totally unusual partnership in India. That means the Chinese giant will distribute its devices through the offline network of its Indian partner to gain greater reach in one of the largest markets in the world.

In an official press release, the company said there is a phased expansion plan with ten major Indian cities, including major markets such as Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Kolkata and Jaipur.

An offline store from Micromax in Delhi
Tornado Pan, head of the Huawei Consumer Business Group in India, said the goal is to be where consumers are. "We plan to focus on a robust offline distribution network that is tailored to the needs of consumers in urban and rural regions of the country."

One of the statement from Sunil Joon, Head of Strategy at Micromax, said the company "wants to come a step closer to solving consumer needs with innovative offers."

This means that Huawei uses the knowledge and network…

UAE's du Says US ban on Huawei is not a problem for 5G network

DUBAI (Reuters) - Telecom company du of the United Arab Emirates has discussed the American restrictions on Huawei with the Chinese company and believes it will not hinder its 5G network, the CEO said Wednesday.

US companies were allowed to sell most US parts and components to Huawei without special licenses in May, giving rise to concerns about the company's supply chain.

Du uses Huawei equipment in his 5G network, but Osman Sultan, CEO of the UAE company, said it had discussed the issue with Huawei and that he saw "no problem".
"We are not worried about the network implementation, the use of Huawei devices within the network," Sultan told reporters about the revenue during a conference call.

Du, which also uses Nokia 5G technology, expects to have nearly 800 active 5G mobile infrastructure sites by the end of the year.

The UAE is one of several Gulf Arab states, which are close partners of the United States, using Huawei 5G technology.

Washington says that t…

Bitcoin will reach new record highs in early 2020: analyst

The price of bitcoin is more than 30 percent lower than in 2019. But the cryptocurrency sees a strong bullrun in the long-term scenario, says prominent market analyst FlibFlib.

The crypto trader said Wednesday that he believes bitcoin would jump above the highest level of $ 20,000 ever in early 2020. He stated that in the scenario the cryptocurrency wants to consolidate in the short term between a wide range defined by $ 6,500 as support and $ 10,000 as resistance. But given the current active fundamental and technical catalysts, bitcoin would turn the consolidation area upside down, an action that would raise the price above the $ 25,000 level.

Bitcoin could exceed the $ 20,000 Summit in 2020

What will drive Bitcoin up? FlibFlib came to the bullish conclusion by combining both technical and fundamental factors in the bitcoin market. Basically, the cryptocurrency is likely to rise as a result of halving, an event that would reduce the delivery rate of bitcoins by half. FlibFlib said t…

Crypto Market and Bitcoin with bearish signs: BCH, EOS, TRX, ADA analysis technical analysis altcoins

The total market capitalization for crypto could not break the resistance of $ 290.0B and recently fell below $ 275.0B.
The Bitcoin price has fallen by around 3% and has recently broken the $ 10,500 support area.
The EOS price fell by 5% after not gaining power above the $ 4,400 resistance range.
The BCH price could not hold the $ 320 support and traded to the $ 310 level.
Tron (TRX) price fell sharply by around 10% and broke the major $ 0.0280 support.
Cardano (ADA) prize remains in a bearish zone below the $ 0.0650 support area.
Bitcoin price and crypto market capitalization are currently showing bearish signals. Ethereum (ETH), EOS, Tron (TRX), BCH, wrinkle, ADA and BNB are likely to prolong the losses in the short term.

Bitcoin Cash Price analysis The bitcoin cash prize recently recovered above the $ 320 resistance to the US dollar. The BCH / USD pair even tested the $ 340 level, but it was difficult to stay higher. As a result, there was a downward correction and the price recen…

Everything You Need To Know About Google Will Pay You Up To $150K If You Can Break It.

Do you think you can break Google's security, It may be a surprise to hear that since 2010 Google has been paying people to break their stuff. In fact, over the past nine years, Google has paid out more than $ 5 million (£ 4 million) to people who have just done that. Now it has announced that it will increase the rewards offered, with a maximum individual payout of $ 150,000 (£ 120,000) and other payouts that double or triple. All you have to do is find the gaps in Google's security.

Talking about the Chrome Vulnerability Rewards program, it was launched in 2010 and offers cash rewards to security researchers who uncover and report vulnerabilities in Google code. To date, more than 8,500 such reports and payments, or bugs as they are known, have claimed more than $ 5 million (£ 4 million).

One of the posts on Google's security blog, Natasha Pabrai and Andrew Whalley from the Chrome security team said they were "happy to announce an overall increase in our remunerati…

Samsung's Next-Gen DRAM Delivers Super-fast Performance On Its Future 5G Flagship Smartphones

Samsung announced on Thursday that its 12 Gb LPDDR5 module is about 1.3 times faster than the 12 Gb LPDDR4X memory used in today's high-end smartphones. Samsung Galaxy 11 could be the first to use this new technology when it comes out next year. (Samsung)
Samsung has started the mass production of next generation 12 Gb LPDDR5 mobile DRAM that will deliver a super fast performance for its future 5G flagship smartphones.

The South Korean technology company announced on Thursday that the new LPDDR5 module could switch to 5,500 Mbps, which is about 1.3 times faster than the 12 Gb LPDDR4X memory used in modern high-end smartphones.

Mass-produced 12 Gb LPDDR5 module Therefor the mass production of the 12 Gb LPDDR5, built on Samsung's latest second-generation 10-nanometer (nm) class process, we are pleased to support the timely launch of 5G flagship smartphones for majority of our customers worldwide," says Jung-bae Lee, DRAM Product & Technology executive vice president fo…

Things You Should Know About Chrome And Firefox Extensions Found Stealing User Data.

Security researcher  Sam Jadali discovered that browser extensions in Chrome and Firefox have not only stolen data from users, but also from well-known companies such as Tesla and Apple.

Synchronized with "DataSpii", the huge leak is said to be affecting millions.

Malicious browser extensions
The browser plug-ins that have been determined to collect and disclose private data are the following:



SuperZoom Helper

Unlock FairShare


Branded Surveys

Community Surveys panel

SuperZoom and FairShare Unlock are in Chrome and Firefox, while Helper is only on the latter. The rest is only in the Google browser.

In particular SpeakIt! and FairShare Unlock have more than 1 million users and others have hundreds of thousands. In the meantime, at least two had only a small user group, one of which had only one user.

Some of the browser extensions above have used certain measures to prevent them from being detected.…

The Truth About Google To Make Chrome’s Incognito Mode More Private Is About To Be Revealed.

The Truth About Google To Make Chrome’s Incognito Mode More Private Is Beacuse of the arrival of Chrome 76 at the end of July brings with it an update that will close an "unintended loophole" that has been near the browser's Incognito mode for some time.

Once this latest release is released, a method that websites use to check if a visitor is in incognito mode becomes unusable.

FileSystem API In a blog post that was published on July 18, Google announced that it will close the gap in FileSystem API with the release of Chrome 76. The FileSystem API is disabled for private browsing and websites can check if the FileSystem API is available to determine whether a user has visited the site in Chrome incognito mode or not. If it is not available, it means that a visitor is in private mode.

According to Google, when a site detects or a user surfs through incognito mode, he asks visitors to open the site with a regular Chrome browser. Some sites do this to count how many site v…

10 Moments To Remember From Why Is A Prototype Of An App Important To Have And Where To download them.

10 Moments To Remember From Why Is A Prototype Of An App Important To Have And Where To download them. Have you been thinking of how to create a web application,it is advisable you determine the framework on which you will develop your Web applications. Framework serve are platforms of support for building a web application and can complement the functions you plan for your web app. If you are part of a specific programming language, you can choose a frame that fits well with that language.

Here Are Some List Of The Web Application Frameworks Popular Among Developers
1. Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is an open source web-based framework for web applications. Rails is also a Model-View-Controller (MVC) framework that offers standard structures for a database, a web service and web pages. The long list of success stories includes Basecamp, GitHub, AirBnB, Twitch and SoundCloud. Rails also has an incredibly friendly developer community. Every framework with an active community is a solution…

Huawei 5G Is On And Has a Very Efficient Standard That Can Help Save Energy In Two Major Ways.

Huawei 5G: early start, large investment and extensive commitment
Before 5G commercialization really comes, the competition is already fierce. In this 5G war we can see that it does not matter for a country or a company, but everyone strives to develop 5G capabilities internally while keeping an eye on external competition. In particular, marketing and advertising are on the most important battlefields. In 2018, many phone manufacturers fought first to launch a 5G smartphone, including Samsung, Huawei, OPPO, Vivo, Xiaomi, Lenovo, OnePlus and more. Although every company pays attention to it, the level of commitment and investment can be different, leading to different levels of strength.

Huawei, as one of the first players in the 5G era, apparently attaches great importance to the development of 5G. As mentioned above, Huawei already started in 2009 with the development of its own 5G technology. In 2013, Huawei hired more than 300 top experts from wireless industry around the world a…

The Truth About Why Is A Prototype Of An App Important To Have Is About To Be Revealed.

A prototype offers a glimpse of an application. It presents the functions, appearance and other important details of an app before it is developed. Know why you need a prototype to design your application.

A prototype is more like a road map for designing your application. Not only does it make your opinion clear about your current app project, but it also helps your customers and team members to understand the core area of   your app development. Every well-known company designs a prototype before it starts coding and becomes part of an actual app development. Some companies still have to take the route because they are not aware of the importance of a prototype. Here are some facts to help you understand that an app prototype is much more than you think.

Prototype makes your idea erased: A prototype is exclusively designed to help you develop your app. As a designer and developer you can use so many things in your app. But when it comes to app development, your messy thought leads …

Huawei Now Brings Y9 Prime 2019 Model to Nigerian Market. smartphone with An Auto Pop-up Selfie Camera

Huawei Y9 Prime has been a stunning smartphone with a panoramic viewing experience and an Auto Pop-up Selfie Camera

On Julyl 10, 2019 in Nigeria,- Huawei Consumer Business Group (BG) has unveiled HUAWEI Y9 Prime 2019, the latest Y-series device, a line of smartphones that appeal to the younger generation to realize their true potential. The HUAWEI Y9 Prime 2019 combines first-class functions and innovations with a new and improved screen and a revolutionary camera with automatic pop-up on the front.

Announcement for a price of NGN83.900, the HUAWEI Y9 Prime 2019 is a very attractive product, especially in the current video-driven social media landscape.

The all-new Ultra FullView display
Designed for users who want to get the most out of their screens, the HUAWEI Y9 Prime 2019 has a completely new Ultra FullView display that is not interrupted by notches that create a seamless viewing experience. With a size of 6.59 cm with a resolution of 2340 x 1080 FHD + and an aspect ratio of 19: …