Activate And use Payments On WhatsApp And Everything You Need To Know About WhatsApp Pay

With WhatsApp Pay service, users can link their UPI-compatible bank accounts to transfer money via the app.

Although WhatsApp Pay has been launched for a while, the social messaging giant still has to officially roll out the service for all of its users.

Mark Zukerberg, CEO of Facebook, announced that the company is working to launch the service across the border in India, while WhatsApp's global head Will Cathart revealed that it will be officially launched later this year.

For you to be able to use Payments, you must use a phone number with the country code for India and have a bank account with a bank that supports UPI. The telephone number that you use for our services must be the same telephone number that is linked to your bank account used for payments.

General terms and conditions WhatsApp Payments

If you meet the necessary conditions and want to use the service, look for the 'Payments' tab in the 'Settings' drop-down list in the application.

And if you can't find the 'Payments' option, don't worry. There is an easy solution. Simply find someone who has activated the payment function and let him try to send you money.
The next time you open your settings in WhatsApp, you should see the "Payments" tab. At some point this option will be available to all eligible WhatsApp users. And it requires users to be at least 18 years old.

After you have selected the 'Payments' option, you go through a number of steps:

Add a bank account. 

  • The application then gives you the option to add a new account
  •  You are asked to accept the terms and conditions and privacy policy of WhatsApp Payments
  • As an informed user, you must go through it.You will then be asked to verify your telephone number with a text message
  • A few seconds later a list appears with the bank accounts that are linked to your mobile number. Select someone to continue.

The next step is to verify the debit card that is linked to your bank account.
And finally, you must enter a one-time password sent to your mobile number and choose a UPI PIN code that you use every time you make transactions.
To send money via WhatsApp Payments, simply select a new chat with a person who has activated the payment service. On your Apple phone you will find the "Payment" option under the "+" drop-down list. On Android devices this is available under attachments.

The payment service of the widely used application is currently being tested by one million users.

The service allows users to link their UPI-compatible bank accounts to transfer money via the app.

In addition, if available to you, the service can be enabled if you are a WhatsApp beta user. To use the service, a payment must be started to a contact, after which users can set up their UPI accounts.

The procedure for using the service is as simple as sending photos, as transactions can only be executed after they have entered their UPI ID.

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