MTN 4G Super Speed Network is now available in Abia State

For a while now, MTN has been working very hard to make sure their 4G network coverage gets circulated in all the 36 states in Nigeria and for those states that have been enjoying this 4G network can not deny the fact that it's so much better than the normal 3G network. So the good news now for those of you who have been having a slow network issue in your area in Abia, now your turn has come to enjoy the MTN 4G super speed network in your state.

Just 23hours ago MTN tweet this on their Twitter platform that #MTN4G is Live in Abia and you can now enjoy the uninterrupted internet services everywhere you go and the wonderful thing about is that is not just for some areas in Abia, it covers the owe of Aba South, Aba North and Osisioma NGWA, and you can enjoy super fast internet services anywhere where you go around the circle in Abia State.

As for what people are saying about this 4G coverage in Abia, some people seem to be thrilled, why some still complain that the 4G network is not available in the city of Umuahia, and some student still make complaints concerning their need for this 4G network in Osun State, but MTN assures them that they should be a little more patient that the coverage is still going on and it will get to all the states soon.

The benefit of Using MTN 4G Super Speed Network

Some of you may still wonder why or what do we gain in making use of this 4G network, well there are so much more you can enjoy by using this 4G network like:

  • You will receive a free 5GB worth of data. 
  • You will also receive 25% 4G bonus on all data plans you buy for 3 months 
  • Your browsing speed will increase and you won't have to spend 5 hours in downloading a movie or file of 150mb.
  • You can also use the MTN 4G network on 4G MiFi
  • And with just N30,000, you can get a 4G MiFi preloaded with free 100GB
  • You will enjoy unparalleled speed on 4G with the same rate charges of 3G but the speed is incomparable to 3G

There is so much benefit you will enjoy in using this 4G network and if you are from Abia, and you know you want to be a partaker of this MTN 4G super speed network and enjoy free 5GB data bonus on this MTN 4G network, why not go ahead now and upgrade your MTN Sim to 4G on any MTN outlet store or kindly buy a new MTN 4G LTE Sim and take your browsing experience to the next level.
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