How to Watch Free Movies And TV Shows Without Data On 9mobile SuperTV App

If you think you are so good at watching a movie, then maybe I should say its not good enough, because all I know is that I have not seen my type when it comes to watching movies, or you may be among those who also love watching movies, but we are not here to compete on who watch movies than who, but to share with you a wonderful app that you can use to watch free Nollywood and Hollywood movies on your smartphone without using data on 9mobile Network and the App is called 9mobile SuperTv app

How joyful will you be now to know that you can watch free movies with just an app on your smartphone without spending a dime with the 9mobile SuperTv app and on 9mobile network?

What is SuperTV App

SuperTV App makes it possible in the power within their reach to make sure you watch your favorite movies and TV series everywhere in Nigeria without the use of internet services or the use of data plans only on 9mobile network.

Things You Need to Know About SuperTV App

  1. You can watch the latest movies of your choice or TV shows on your smartphone, tablet or Ipad in any location around Nigeria and with zero cost price/zero internet cost which means watching movies with this app is completely zero
  2. And as it is now, the free movies streaming without data subscription is for a 7-days trial which will now require you to subscribe after 7days before you can watch free movies again just as if you are subscribing for your GOTV or DSTV plan.
  3. But that shouldn't be a burden, just think about the benefit you will get like direct access Hollywood, Nollywood, Bollywood, Igbo Nollywood, Kennywood, Yoruba Nollywood, Live TV, Documentary, Comedy, Lifestyle, Musical, TV shows all in your smartphone. 
  4. You should also know that you can also decide not to use the App again after exhausting the 7days free trial plan, and they won't stop you and there's nothing you will have to lose.

SuperTV Subscription Plans 

Just like GOTV and other cables you use at home, SuperTV also offers Daily, Weekly and Monthly plans on Gold and Starter bouquets for you to keep enjoying the excitement of the amazing app after the use of your free 7 days trial.

How Can I Download SuperTV App And The Availability

SuperTV App is available for all Android users, iPhone users, iPad users, windows and Mac OS PC users, and the apps can be download on their various app stores

But If you would like to download it now for Android get it now from the Google Play store here.
And if you have a good browser like Chrome and Firefox, then you can just access their official web link —  

How To Make Use of SuperTV App After Downloading

  • First of all, Turn on your 9mobile data and make sure you change your APN settings from WAP to 9mobile under settings.
  • After downloading the SuperTv app, Launch the app on your device. 
  • You’ll have access to the features immediately as far as long you are on 9mobile network.  
  • Now click “SUBSCRIBE NOW” and select your desired plan.  
  • Re-launch the app and then sign out from the dropdown menu. 
  • Launch the app again and start enjoying any movies and TV shows you want.  

You don't have to worry if you have an existing data plan before as even though you watch all the movies in the world as far as you still under the 7days free trial grace or you have subscribed to their plan, your data won't be exhausted and you can keep on rocking the 9mobile SuperTv App and watch extraordinary movies... Enjoy.
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