Microsoft Pays Hackers $30,000 To Find Errors In The New Edge Browser

Today Microsoft launched the first beta version of the new Edge browser. The company now invites everyone who wants to try out how to download the application ... and invites hackers to find ways to compromise. Microsoft will even pay cash for their exploits.
That is not as strange as it seems. Actually, it is very common for a company like Microsoft to reward rewards for security researchers for reporting software vulnerabilities. Today, you can earn a lot of money by looking for 'bug rewards'.

With Edge approaching the first stable version, Microsoft does not get involved. Edge should be as safe as possible when it is released to the general public, so help was sought to find and repair weaknesses.

Researchers can deposit up to $ 30,000 by discovering "significant vulnerabilities" in the beta or developer version of the Edge browser. They can go to any operating system running Edge: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 and even Mac OS.

The $30,000 jackpot is reserved for mistakes that are real obstacles. For example, an exploit can allow the attacker to break Edge's limited environment, a virtual container that isolates code executed in Edge from the rest of the operating system.

A well-implemented sandbox makes the software much harder to hack. That's why Google has added one to Chrome. Chrome has been a difficult target to hack teams in events like Pwn2Own and that has a lot to do with the sandbox.

But a sandbox does not make an application bulletproof. Chrome has fallen several times, because hackers have enough time and opportunity to beat almost anything. That includes the new Edge.

With the great relaunch, Microsoft wants to close the blinds. Offering the most secure browser available can be the key to achieving great profits at an early stage, especially in business environments where IT administrators can implement an application for hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of users to keep networks as secure as possible. .

Because Microsoft offers its own bug rewards program, the new Edge browser will benefit from external help on two fronts. Edge is based on Chromium, the same open source code that makes Google Chrome possible. One of the ways that Google Chrome protects is by offering errors to researchers who discover vulnerabilities.

There are enough reasons to try the new Edge. It is a very elegant browser and is built on the same basis as Google Chrome, so there is a minimum learning curve when you change. It may also be the safest browser that exists, now that Microsoft is willing to let it rain, and that is a good reason to change your browser in 2019.
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